Ela Stopa-Zbikowska biography

Born to a prominent musical family in Poland, Ela began playing the violin at the age of six. She first performed in concerts with her father Piotr, a pianist and music school principal. Ela was an exceptional student of primary and secondary music school in Zamosc (Poland) and represented her schools in many competitions and concerts.

At 16, Ela recorded as a member of a string quartet with the famous Polish rock group, Budka Suflera. Just before graduating from secondary music school, Ela began collaboration with distinguished European pedagogue, Antoni Cofalik (Cracov).

After graduating, Ela continued her education at the Academy of Music in Katowice, where she was taught by Professor Ryszard Fastnacht and Adam Mokrus. She completed her Masters degree in Violin performance at the Music Academy in Gdansk in the class of distinguished Professor Krystyna Jurecka and Anna Wandtke.

While studying, Ela performed as a soloist and orchestral musician in the Academy Symphony Orchestras and collaborated with famous conductors, composers and performers such as Krzysztof Penderecki, Gabriel Chmura, Anna Prabucka-Firley, Szymon Krzeszowiec and Aleksandra Mozgiel. She also performed as a member of the Chamber Orchestra and a number of chamber ensembles and gave concerts in Poland, Switzerland and Germany.

Ela has held a full time position as a first violin musician in The Karol Namyslowski Symphony Orchestra in Zamosc (Poland), where she was a performer of solo parts in baroque concerts.

As a member of the symphony orchestra, she performed in a prestigious concert with Jon Lord (Deep Purple) during his tour in Warsaw (Poland).

Ela also worked as a teacher of violin performance in a private Christian Music School 'MissioMusica' (Warsaw, Poland) and gave private tuition. In May 2014, Ela moved to Sydney and started performing as a violinist of The Metropolitan Orchestra. She also provides violin lessons.

Ela plays on a 1870 German copy of a Giovanni Paolo Maggini violin.